Terms And Policies

MCO Luxury Transportation Terms and Policies

 MCO Luxury Transportation Limo in Central Florida explains all process and requirements for services. The terms and policies clarify a cancellation policy, damage to vehicle, charges, and liability.

Cancellation Policy

First of all, customers will charge for the trip ( total amount quoted at the time of your reservation). However, The Customers have a right to cancel the service. With no doubt, the Customers will receive a cancellation proof number by e-mail or phone. Therefore, the following conditions should have met:

Sedans, SUVs, CANCELATION SHALL BE  24, and Van CANCELATION SHALL BE 48 hours in advance of pickup time.
Limousine, Mini buses, and Coach Buses CANCELATION SHALL BE 7 days in advance of pick up time.

Damage to Vehicle

The passengers is responsible for any damage to the vehicle or equipment in the vehicle. As a result, MCO Luxury Transportation has a right to charge the customer’s credit card in the reservation file for the full amount of the repair or replacement.
If there is an excessive mess in the vehicle, the Passenger(s) responsible to pay a $200 cleanup fee in accordance the process above.


Certainly, the bill of reservations and services will send by email at the time of reservation date.

Type Of  Vehicle

Based on availability, MCO Luxury Transportation has a right to change a type of Vehicle. However, the changes of the vehicle’s type must be an upgrade. To clarify, the upgrade means, first of all, the vehicle which is put in charge shall be higher price than the one that the customer booked. To sum, the customer has no right to file a complaint regarding this upgrade after the client use the service. For instance, when the customers get the drop off in their destination, The customers wouldn’t able to complain on the type of vehicle.


First of all, MCO Luxury Transportation LLC shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control. Including but not limited to, weather, road conditions and breakdowns.
Also, MCO Luxury Transportation LLC assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings or any items left in the vehicle.
Furthermore, MCO Luxury Transportation will provide child safety seats. In that event, the children staff will provided upon request only and for additional price of $12 per seat per trip. Due to state and Federal law, parents and guardians of children traveling in our vehicles are responsible for installing child safety seats.

For more information please contact us +1(321) 684-7300 or https://mcoluxury.com/contact-us/